Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose is an
experience-oriented course. With professional,
creative & formation tools, the course  helps
 develop  new skills they
can use on a personal and
professional level.

Set Your Compass

Set Your Compass gives us a deeper self- understanding and helps us identify our values. It gives us purpose and strengthens our ability to make decisions in line with our authentic selves. With a clear direction in our compass, we can strive for the best version of ourselves.  

Life motto

A life motto is a short phrase that we choose to live by. It gives us clarity about our values and helps us stay focused on our goals.


Through consciousness and contemplation we can create an inner peace. It allows us to find balance and presence in our daily lives.

Self-confidence and self-esteem

Courage, self-confidence and self-esteem are essential for our development. They give us the skills to create change outside of our comfort zone.


A strong mindset is characterized by an optimistic way of thinking. It gives us the ability to focus on the things we can control.

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is about reflecting on our thoughts, feelings and creating impressions with our unique voices. We will convey our message in an authentic and influential way that can motivate ourselves and inspire others.

Write your presentation

Preparation provides a deep clarity about which messages we want to present. It gives us the ability to communicate effectively and achieve the desired impact.


People will forget the specific words we said, but they will always remember the feeling we evoked in them. Storytelling gives us the skills to express ourselves in a way that leaves a lasting impression. 

Visual Storytelling

is the art of using images, videos, graphics and design to convey a message. It is a powerful way to engage and communicate with the audience by creating a deeper understanding and emotional connection through visual impressions and structure of the narrative.

The Personal Story

The personal story is the source of self- reflection. It gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


is to turn an idea into reality. Beside focus on economic growth, it is also central to examine how we create value and a positive impact in society.

Use Your Voice

Use Your Voice is about presenting an idea in a clear way. It includes techniques to communicate our ideas, do the right preparation and deliver an effective presentation.


By knowing our target audience, we can convey a message in a way that resonates with them and creates a deeper connection.

Body language

By understanding our own body language, we can increase the impact of our message and create a deeper relationship with the world around us.


When we perform, we give something of ourselves that we cannot get back. Here we focus on controlling nervousness, reducing presentation anxiety and overcoming fear so that we can remain grounded before and during our performance. 


Our appearance, clothing and the way we carry ourselves sends a signal. It gives us an awareness to shape the impression we want to make.

What the participants say:

"The entire course was an incredible journey. I even shared the most nerve-wracking stories of my life. I opened up surprisingly much, and learned a lot about myself and the others from the class."
“It gave me inspiration to move forward and to write down my dreams. It has made me live my dreams.”
"The most important thing I have taken with me is writing down my dreams. It is important because it boosts my motivation and gives me a goal."
Anne Kathrine

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